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ULI British Columbia Blog

Students, Act Fast: Form a Team to Compete…

Challenge yourself to create thriving communities with the ULI student urban design and development competition, sponsored by Gerald D. Hines. Team applications are due on Monday, December 7, 2015. Successful real estate development and design in the 21st century requires intensive collaboration across disciplines and … Read More

Moving in a Livable Region: Dialogue for…

ULI supports the unbiased and non-partisan exchange of ideas between private and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues. Similarly, Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue uses dialogue to generate non-partisan and constructive communication around difficult topics. Their Moving in a … Read More

ULI Publishes Fifth Edition of Best-Selling…

Real Estate Development: Principles and Process, now available in its fifth edition, has served as one of the leading college textbooks for courses on real estate development, urban planning, architecture, and real estate finance. Real Estate Development is written primarily for an academic audience seeking … Read More

ULI Case Studies: Altmarkt-Galerie

A mixed-use shopping center in the heart of Dresden – conceived soon after the reunification of East Germany with West Germany in 1990 – has been significant for Dresden in many respects. Altmarkt-Galerie represents a key piece of the city’s urban regeneration and has helped … Read More