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ULI Case Studies: Altmarkt-Galerie

A mixed-use shopping center in the heart of Dresden – conceived soon after the reunification of East Germany with West Germany in 1990 – has been significant for Dresden in many respects. Altmarkt-Galerie represents a key piece of the city’s urban regeneration and has helped Dresden find a new center as well as a new architectural identity. The shopping center and mixed-use scheme have provided the city with a new heart, which was not previously obvious in the city. Dresden’s lack of identity is a legacy of heavy World War … Read More

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The Pressing Need for Density

The need to create successful, dense urban environments has never been greater: 54 percent of the world’s population – some 3.9 billion people – lives in urbanized areas, and the number of people living in cities around the world will increase by one billion by 2030. Solving this challenge presented by an increasingly crowded planet requires effective management of rapid urbanization to create livable, prosperous cities. Density is an important tool in this respect, but comes in different forms than we have seen in the past. This presents two key … Read More

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