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MLA Canada Market Intel 2018 Real Estate Report

MLA Canada has released its annual Market Intel real estate report, a review of the outgoing year, current market conditions and a forecast for 2018. The project marketing company anticipates steady supply and slower price growth in 2018 for pre-sale developments. A global cities housing comparison shows Vancouver’s affordability ratio at 17.4, almost double that of more normalized cities like Toronto and Seattle, and creeping closer to Kowloon, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Home ownership rate in the city is at a high of 65 per cent, with median property value over $1.2 … Read More

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Case Study Results: Electrical Submetering Boosts Sustainability

We all know that shifting to user-pay model moves the needle, but exactly how much? When it comes to submetering, the sustainability gains may surprise you. Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. recently completed a case study of 4 residential buildings in Vancouver. The properties are submetered for electricity with 232 bill-paying suites to date, out of a total 528 suites. 100% of the capital costs to implement submetering are Wyse’s responsibility. In-suite consumption among bill-payers dropped by 25% compared to non-bill-payers. Self-monitoring tools help bill-payers understand the cost-usage relationship. Choosing to … Read More

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