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ULI BC Governor’s Advisory Panel – UBC-Broadway Corridor Rapid Transit Project

February 4, 2014
February 6, 2014

What Is an Advisory Panel?

The ULI Advisory Service Panel program is an activity that leverages the knowledge capital of ULI members with specific land use and development issues in communities.  ULI coordinates a site visit of experts from the Institute’s diverse membership to find creative, practical solutions to a specific land use challenge or development opportunity.

A Govenor’s Advisory Panel (GAP) consists of a group of specific members, including developers, planners, financiers, market analysts, economists, architects, and public officials – to provide practical and strategic advice that is not available from any other source.  The panel will gather a presentation and a subsequent report will serve as an information tool, sharing best practices and lessons learned.

To provide results, the panel will work with local governments, private developers, community development corporations, and many other organizations to address the most challenging real estate and land use issues facing communities today.

Please visit ULI’s website for greater information about ULI’s advisory services programs.

The ULI BC GAP Assignment

The GAP assignment is the UBC-Broadway Corridor Rapid Transit Project, specifically a station location study in which the panel will provide strategic advice and best practices while considering planning and development along the Broadway Corridor.  The panel will consider strategies for land use and transit options along the Corridor.

The Governor’s Advisory Panel

Richard Reynolds, Tufts University, Boston, MA (Chair)
Richard Gollis, The Concord Group, LLC, Newport Beach, CA
Ralph L. Nunez, Design Team Plus, LLC, Southfield, MI
Richard Rosan, ULI Foundation, Washington, DC
Brendan Cagney, Design Associate, Design Team Plus, LLC, Birmingham, MI

ULI Staff:
Alison Johnson, Program Manager, ULI Rose Center, Washington, DC

The Presentation

After reviewing extensive briefing and background materials, the panel had a tour of the project, met with a variety of stakeholders (including City of Vancouver, TransLink, Metro Vancouver, UBC and Neighbourhood Groups) for interviews, considered and reviewed all information provided to them, framed the issues, they were able to build a presentation with their key findings and recommendations.

Key findings:

  • Transit mode: underground
  • Development: real estate decision separation from transit line
  • Process: have a group like ULI BC be a conveyor for stakeholder groups; ULI BC can engage the stakeholders and present the opportunity for discussion

Further details on these key findings and the panel’s recommendations can be found in the presentation (available here).

The Report

GAP Report Cover


We are pleased to share the final published Report by the Urban Land Institute’s Governor’s Advisory Program (GAP) on the proposed UBC Broadway Rapid Transit project.  This report provides in-depth insights on the Panel’s original key recommendations.

To download a full copy of the report, click the image of the report to the left or click here.


February 6, 2014 – Expert panel from the Urban Land Institute (ULI) presented its observations and recommendations… see our Press Release for greater detail.

For media inquiries, please contact Dorothy Sitek at dsitek@generationcommunications.ca or 604.992.4963.  For additional information, please also see our Backgrounder.  Please also view our Media Advisory for information regarding the presentation of the GAP report.

“On Tuesday the world-renowned Urban Land Institute, and the Governor’s advisory panel; which is made up of American real estate experts, developers and academics, will tour the Broadway corridor. During their tour, they will be talking to residents, business owners and key stakeholders.” Excerpt from the January 31, 2014 Global BC story.

Watch the January 31, 2014 Global BC video here.

Visit our News and Resources section of our website to learn about more coverage of the GAP.

Visit ULI BC’s Flickr account to view photos taken during the GAP session.

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