ULI BC: Finding the Missing Middle – How the Development Community Can Lead


2023-04-13T16:00:00 - 2023-04-13T18:00:00

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    PGL Environmental 1500 - 1185 W Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6 CANADA


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    There’s an emerging movement to change the rules that have restricted housing diversity from our single-detached neighbourhoods. Calls for change are coming from far and wide, and zoning reforms are sweeping across North America. With this comes new opportunities to build much-needed missing middle, or gentle density housing, like laneway homes, backyard duplexes, infill rowhouses, and houseplexes.
    This first event in WLI BC's Certificate Series on Development Community will focus on housing diversity and finding the missing middle. Participants will hear from Tamara White from Small Housing BC, and Michael Epp from Metro Vancouver, and Jake Fry from Smallworks Studios where they will discuss the evolving policy landscape in BC, share experiences with building small-format homes, and outline the important role that the development community can play in jump-starting a wave of new attainable housing supply.
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    Tamara White

    Principal, Elevate Community Planning

    Tamara is a planner and affordable housing specialist, with a background in community-based development. As Associate ED of SHBC, she establishes municipal partnerships, coordinates technical support for gentle density housing initiatives, and leads advocacy efforts with senior government. Tamara has a Master of Planning from UBC School of Community & Regional Planning. She has conducted extensive international research and policy analysis, and has held roles within government housing and planning agencies (Brazil, China, Canada), with work spanning the housing spectrum, from homelessness to affordable home ownership. Tamara’s work in BC focuses on scaling up and enhancing the impact of the community housing sector. Recent employers and clients include: BC Housing Supportive Housing and Programs group, the Co-op Housing Federation of BC’s Community Land Trust, and New Commons Development’s Small Communities Initiative.


    Michael Epp

    Director of Housing Planning and Development, Metro Vancouver

    Michael is a land use and community planner whose work has ranged from neighbourhood planning and visioning projects in New York City neighbourhoods, to managing planning departments in BC communities. As Director of Planning in the City of North Vancouver, Michael championed policies that significantly increased the rental and non-market housing supply, with the City of North Vancouver one of only a small number of municipalities that delivered targeted levels of housing. In his current role, Michael is leading the delivery of 2,000 new affordable homes across the region and advancing policies to help ensure at least 15% of new housing is affordable.


    Jake Fry


    Jake is founder of Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing Inc., a pioneer of laneway housing design and building in North America, with over 250 small homes built in the last fifteen years. Smallworks develops simple, sustainable homes that blend innovative techniques, modern building science and hand-built finishes and millwork. In 2014 Jake was Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing. Jake was instrumental in supporting the City of Vancouver to adopt its original laneway house bylaw. In 2012, he co-founded SHBC, and has since assisted several municipalities develop zoning bylaws based on his experience and interaction with hundreds of potential small home clients. He has presented in dozens of communities, and participated in countless housing sector events, raising the profile of small housing among the public and planning professionals.