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Case Study Results: Electrical Submetering Boosts Sustainability

We all know that shifting to user-pay model moves the needle, but exactly how much? When it comes to submetering, the sustainability gains may surprise you. Wyse Meter Solutions Inc. recently completed a case study of 4 residential buildings in Vancouver. The properties are submetered for electricity with 232 bill-paying suites to date, out of a total 528 suites. 100% of the capital costs to implement submetering are Wyse’s responsibility.

  • In-suite consumption among bill-payers dropped by 25% compared to non-bill-payers. Self-monitoring tools help bill-payers understand the cost-usage relationship. Choosing to conserve hydro reduces their costs and carbon footprint.
  • The energy savings are equal to 4,296 trees grown for ten years.
  • It means $31,180 in annual savings for the properties’ institutional owner, creating $4,176,000 in new property value from the turnover suites.

Written by: Peter Mills, Co-CEO, Wyse Meter Solutions

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