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Technical Assistance Panels

The ULI Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) program is a service offered as part of ULI’s international Advisory Services. The Technical Assistance Panel program brings the finest expertise in the real estate, planning and development fields together to collaborate on complex land use and redevelopment projects throughout British Columbia. ULI BC launched its TAP Program in 2012.

Technical Assistance Panels

Is your community or organization facing a complex land use or real estate challenge?
ULI BC accepts applications from local governments, public agencies and non-profit organizations seeking unbiased, pragmatic advice to address specific development-related issues.

A Technical Assistance Panel, known as a TAP, is a service offered as part of the Urban Land Institute’s Advisory Services Program. Since 1947, ULI’s Advisory Services Program has been assisting communities by bringing real estate, planning, and development experts together to provide unbiased pragmatic advice for addressing complex land use and real estate development issues. ULI BC launched its TAP Program in 2012 and has since conducted four successful TAPs with Soroptimist International of Vancouver, the District of Maple RidgeDistrict of West Vancouver and the North Shore Disability Resource Centre. To learn more about each of these TAPs, please click on the grey bars to the right of this page.

How does the TAP program work?
The Host (typically a local government or a non-profit organization), either on an unsolicited basis or after a request for applications from ULI, requests TAP services on a specific issue that can be addressed by a panel of experts in one or two days. ULI assists the Host in refining the scope of the assignment and convenes a panel of ULI members with expertise and knowledge in the subject areas being addressed.

The Host provides background information to the Panelists prior to the panel convening as well as the questions to be addressed by the panel. The TAP panel visits the subject site, hears from public and private stakeholders, and deliberates on the assigned questions. To conclude the one or two day session, a summary of recommendations via a PowerPoint presentation is provided to the Host followed by a comprehensive written report. A fee is charged by ULI for the advisory service to cover administration and development of the TAP report.

Drawing on extensive local knowledge and experience, panelists are selected from ULI BC’s membership who volunteer to server on the TAP as part of their commitment to ULI’s broader mission. For more information about serving as a TAP Panelist, go to Get Involved>Technical Assistance Panels

Applications to host a TAP and serve as a Panelists are accepted on an on-going basis.  Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact ULI BC / Shannon Paterson.


Learn more about ULI BC’s TAPs Program by reviewing our TAP brochure (orange bar) to the right of this page.